DREAMCATCHER - Special Edition


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Data uscita: 28.09.2021



Special Edition - Versioni: Mysterious Mansion/Dreamcatcher Mind


Mysterious Mansion version: OUT BOX, PHOTOBOOK (204P), KEYRING, ACCORDION POSTCARD SET, STICKER (1 Sheet), BOOKMARK, POLAROID PHOTO (7p), SCARY QUOTES CARD (7p), SELFIE PHOTO CARD (7p),  preorder benefit (Poster: random 1 out of 2)

Dreamcatcher Mind version: OUT BOX, MAKING PHOTOBOOK (80p), PLAYING CARDS (52 Cards, 2 Jockers), COLLECT BOOK (20P, 80 Pockets), EMPLOYEE ID CARD (random 1 out of 7), DECORATION STICKER (2 Sheets), SELFIE PHOTO CARD SET (35p),  preorder benefit: Poster (random 1 out of 2)