ENHYPEN - Manifesto : Day 1 [Weverse Album version]


Data uscita: 04.07.2022


ENHYPEN - 3rd mini album 

Manifesto : Day 1 - Weverse Album 



  • QR Card
  • Photo Card A: random 1 out of 7
  • Photo Card B: random 1 out of 7
  • Card Holder

[How to use Weverse Album]

1. Install the Weverse Albums application
2. Log in with your Weverse account or social media account
3. Touch the [ ✚ ] button on the top right or [Register Album] to scan the QR code
  (If it is difficult to scan the QR code, enter the digital code number directly on the bottom of the camera)
4. Download the album and you're done! 


Track list